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Cap d’Agde The Naked City


Les Inrockuptibles

Bay of Pigs: welcome to the libertine beach of Cap d'Agde

In the heart of the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, on a piece of beach renamed "bay of pigs", the libertines have fun. Blowjobs, masturbations, bukkake, gang bang: here, pleasure is public and collective.

A hundred meters long, nothing seems forbidden in the Bay of Pigs. Couples love each other in public and satisfy their desire for exhibitionism in front of a cohort of voyeurs on the lookout.

The woman is always at the heart of attentions, and her desires are like orders. When she points to a man in the crowd of voyeurs, he must come closer and come and satisfy her, which he usually does eagerly.

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Deutsche Welle

Letting It All Hang Out in Cap D'Agde's Nudist Resort

Imagine a place where you could not only relax on the beach or swim naked, but could also shop naked, go to the bank naked and even eat out naked. In fact, imagine a place where you could do pretty much anything in the nude.

"Naturism is very nice, walking around naked and this sort of thing, but the sex side of it, where you've got the swingers and all the fetish wear in the evening -- it adds a bit of excitement to it. I think that's the fun side of Cap D'Agde, which you don't get in other naturist resorts."

"If you don't like it, you don't have to come back. But if you fall in love with it like I have, well, you'll just keep coming back time and time again."

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The Guardian

Welcome to the naked city: sun, swingers and very little shoplifting

Modernism and naturism meld at the world’s biggest nude town, Cap d’Agde in France, which swells to 40,000 people in summer. Could there ever be a naked metropolis?

Europe’s libertines and swingers flock here to participate in what Michel Houellebecq envisioned in his book Atomised as the perfect “sexual social democracy”. But every facet of ordinary city life is here, too: a bank, a post office, several supermarkets, concrete arcades lined with hairdressers, fishmongers, opticians and clothes boutiques.

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The Sun

Being naked is an everyday thing for these tourists on holiday

During peak times, thousands of tourists flock to this town minus their clothing. A reporter joined in and discovered lots of surprises, including “trio sex parties”.

"The first time you take your clothes off it is scary. But once one person has seen you undressed, everyone can. It feels great to have sun all over your body."

“You should try it.”

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Picture: Jamie Lorriman/The Sun Source:The Sun



Dirty Fun at the Bay of Pigs - La Baie des Cochons

Cap d'Agde – where naturists can swing freely!

While other naturist destinations are usually run by one service provider and rented out exclusively to tourists, Cap d'Agde is more like a village. Not all visitors are tourists, and there are hotels, bars, supermarkets and nightclubs. Nudity is allowed on camping sites as well as at the butcher’s.

Residents cycle naked, shop without clothes on – and, naturally, go to the beach.

At the centre of the free spirited goings-on is the Baie des Cochons, or Bay of Pigs. There, far away from families who simply want to bask in the sun as God made them, things get pretty heavy.

‘Sex on the Beach’ is more than just a popular cocktail in Cap d’Agde.

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Fetish Parade

On August 9, 2018 took place the Fetish Parade in Cap d'Agde naturist. Organized by Anthony's Camill'Or store in Heliopolis, this edition brought together nearly 190 people, so to speak, almost double the previous edition! Véro Over, Jury Kupiansky, these two great perfectionist and talented creators were again present to offer us fetish visuals out of the ordinary.